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N U A O 2 7 3


The cellar of 150 qm. is builded following the respect of each element and to care the wine making process, let rest the wine for long aging covered by the correct humidity ratio and full of silence.

All process is entirely done in accordance with the time flow and grapes respect; every bunch of grapes travels from the vineyard into the cellar by following stages of a rigorous harvesting, to finally reach a manual selection table, where every single grape suffers a further qualitative, tactile, and visual selection.

All vats and ambients are managed in separately way and whit cooled temp. controllers to maintain a perfect micro clima everywhere: each inox vat, cone shape vat and barrique are daily checked manually whit care to observe the wine evolution and thanks to internal analysis laboratory for prompt, clear results.

The choice of the inox vats, oak type, size and origin (Allier) for Cone Shape Vats and Barriques, it has been especially made bearing NUAO 273.

The bottling process finalized in the cellar varies depending on the wine fermentation stage, once the singular grape varieties have been blended. Before the bottles are stacked horizontally, their content is being meticulously tested to ensure the proper closing of the corks, as part of wine fining and aging preparation.

“…The human process, the human factor are here a real, fundamental relevance: each easy or complex process, check and choice is posed whit the same passion, devotion and respect as the Grigeiro winery was created…”