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The entire production is based on a single wine, the NUAO 273, which contains the gist, the choices and the vision concentrating on a single lot of 4000 bottles.

After several tasting sessions, a decision was made to match Sangiovese base in blending whit Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
The result was immediate and the matching of these 3 varieties turned the idea into a choice …a projection given exclusively by the cultivation and by the production guarantee in the vineyard.

“…..a balance of percentages has come to life in the blinking of an eye”.

Moreover, the complexity and harmony expresses itself through the double clonal choice that has been experimented and which makes each of the 3 varieties thus balancing the peculiarities of 6 clones total (2 for each variety).

Every vine breed and clone were individually planted in their corresponding vineyards such as: 2” Sangiovese (VCR23 – JANUS10), 7” Merlot (R3 – VCR10) e 3” Cabernet Franc (VCR10 – ISV101).

The same philosophy is being applied also when the clones are being vinified separately in order to extract from each vine and piece of ground the distinguishing features of various polyphenols such as anthocyanins and tannins.

The vinification starts with the fermentation in stainless steel vats and cone-shaped wooden barrels where grape skin maceration takes place at a controlled temperature of about 26-27 C°, with repeated “rimontaggi” (soft pumping over) and “ follature” (manual pressing).

Wine aging in barriques takes place over 18 Months, with permanent monitoring which indicates the evolution of the wine.

At the end of this stage, the bulk mass wine is created when individual varieties are being mixed with their own clones creating the Nuao 273 blending.

After the bottling process, the bottles refine horizontally for at least 8 Months so that the wine may continue its maturation to the point of reaching the best organoleptic characteristics.
The choice of oak type, size and origin for each barrels, is specifically done for the Nuao 273 and the same care applies to the cork for the closure: its top end quality prevents from any contamination issue.
The selection of raw materials is at the base of an elementum certified with 0 TCA components detected (0,5 ng/l whit a cromography screening of single cork) and each single bottle is therefore guaranteed and replaced by Grigeiro in the unfortunate event of faulty cork issues.

NUAO 273 is produced exclusively in the vintages that are optimal in the micro- terroir of cultivation.

Grigeiro - Nuao 273

Grape variety:

70% Sangiovese (clones VCR23 - JANUS10)

20% Merlot (clones R3 - VCR10)

10% Cabernet Franc (clones VCR10 - ISV101)


310-350 mt. above sea level

Sun exposure:

South, South-East


Clay of Pleistocene origin, organic calcareous substrate, tuff and sandstone

Yeld per Ha:

40 Q.li

Vine training system:

Cordone Speronato


1.80 x 0,80 mt

Plant density:

6000 vines/Ha

Yeld per Vine:

0,7 kg/vine


By hands in 15 Kg wood case

Wine Making:

Oak and Inox Vats fermentation - 15/20 days Cooled Temp. (medium 27 C°) maceration on skin




18 Months in French Barriques Allier one and two used

Bottle Refine:

8 Months minimum