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TThe vineyards stretch along an area of 2 Hectares restricted inside a micro-terroir of Montalcino territory: a rare soil plot characterized of a unique micro-climax and an orographic composition impossible to replicate elsewhere.

Three micro-parcel of soil 2”, 7”, 3” are the place where, through an accurate “zonazione” (terrain analysis), all clones/cultivar, are selected and implanted to become now the current three different vineyards of Sangiovese (2”), Merlot (7”) and Cabernet Franc (3”).

Each dual clone such 2” Sangiovese (VCR23 – JANUS10), 7” Merlot (R3 – VCR10) and 3” Cabernet Franc (VCR10 – ISV101) of each single vineyard, has been selected basing on the complementary own typology for characteristic and soil response.

The sun exposure ranging is from South to South-East at approximately 310/350 mt a.s.l.; the soil elements are mainly clayish of Pleistocene origin and subject to changes with an organic calcareous substrate, tuff and sandstone that it provides excellent conditions to hold a good amount of rainfall even in hot summer months.

The plant densities are based on 6000/Ha vines with Cordone Speronato (spurred cordon) vine training system whit a row layout of 1,80×0,80 mt.; the yield per Ha is inferior to 40 Q.li with a maximum production of 0,7-0,8 Kg/ vines.

Vineyards are completely isolated and this makes it possible to avoid pathogenic proliferation from other estate of land; as a result of this, the use of phytosanitary treatments is significantly reduced close to zero.

The rotation of herbaceous (such as field beans named Favino) on terrains and the green manure makes it possible to obtain, in a natural way, a consistent supply of nitrogen without the need to use chemical or mineral fertilizers.

All pruning steps -both “secca” (February-March) and “verde” (May-June), as well as the thinning operations, the selection and the harvest, are strictly hand-made by experts with a deep knowledge of every single plant in the Grigeiro vineyards. Grapes are picked up by hand and after 2 selection phases are placed in 15 Kg capacity wood cases and transferred in a cellar where all subsequent phases of selection and wine making star.

The harvest usually takes place from the middle of September to the beginning of October, based on the weather conditions and the maturation of each grape variety.