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Grigeiro stems from a personal project of mine started in 2011 and developed over time in order to create something unique.
Something which fully reflects my own belief in making wine:
a production, cultivation and management philosophy free from compromises.

A vision suited to the one and only satisfaction of the idea I have always pursued.
The values and the principles that we share and that constitute the foundation of our company as a sign of a unique and inimitable terroir have joined the study, the research, the commitment and the steadfastness meant to help us understand, interpret, and improve.

It is worth mentioning the first “barbatelle” (young vine plants) manually planted with care, the multitude of cultivar selected, the entire work necessary to shape up and create the winery and the infrastructure which finally makes up our current company.


Two only Hectares of land and 4000 bottles produced…..an informed choice which results in a productive and managerial quality in which my personal commitment is to be found in every aspect of the wine.

We ensured that Grigeiro may save from the passage of time the element of strength which would weigh up each of our decision, action, and belief; this way, nothing is be done by chance and our discretion and convictions constitute the basis of a pure reality.

A.D 2018, with its first vintage produced, Vintage 2015, finally the project comes to life.
Through NUAO 273 the Tenuta Grigeiro becomes real.

N U A O 2 7 3

The dedication and care

“...The human process, the human factor are here a real, fundamental relevance: each easy or complex process, check and choice is posed whit the same passion, devotion and respect as the Grigeiro winery was created...”