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Based on the strong belief that a terroir marks a wine type as much as a wine type marks a terroir.

The result of all this has been the choice to take advantage of one the best areas in the world with regards to terroir: the south of Tuscany, Montalcino, to enhance and combine the autochthon Sangiovese roots with the elegance of Merlot thus balancing the personality of Cabernet Franc.

The result and peculiarity of NUAO 273 project is not only the expression of the 3 vine varieties, but also in fact as a result of a double clonal choice of each. This leads to an unique balance and completeness thanks to the complementarity of the 2 clones used for each vine variety.

Therefore, NUAO 273 brings about the characteristics and harmonic complexity stemming from the extremely hard work of putting together 6 clones total (2 per each variety).

The work starts at vineyard 2”, 7”, and 3” and follows simultaneously the life cycle of each culture characterized by different developing / growing stages: sprouting, vegetation, strengthening, veraison, and maturation.

The handling of each growing stage is continued with the dedicated care to wine-making and wine aging, strongly emphasizing / valorizing every single vine breeding.

Sangiovese (cloni VCR23 – JANUS10)
Merlot (cloni R3 – VCR10)
Cabernet Franc (cloni VCR10 – ISV101)

N U A O 2 7 3

The humanity value of the each single thing

“...The project has been carried out in full compliance with mother earth, the flow of time and the seasons of life; in full compliance with all the elements and people which contributed - and will continue to do so - to the continuous development of the project’s essence and purity...” Grigeiro was founded to bottle the NUAO 273…”

Grape variety

sangiovese (cloni vcr23 - janus10) 0

merlot (cloni r3 - vcr10) 0

cabernet franc (cloni vcr10 - isv101) 0